Ar Dragon

Ar Dragon

Ar Dragon

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AR Dragon - Legendary Baby Dragon - Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 [iOS]

AR Dragon game(pet simulator) iOS 11

Augmented Reality Pet Dragon! (IOS 11 AR) - AR Dragon Gameplay

Augmented Reality Virtual Pet Simulator!

Hatch and care for your own unique dragon!

Your dragon is one of a kind and unlike any other in the world!

Discover and care for your own unique pet dragon:

* Each day your dragon grows older and larger in size.
* No two dragons will look the same!
* Bring your dragon into the real world with AR!
* Play catch with your dragon to ensure they’re having fun.
* Make sure to feed your dragon so they dont go hungry.
* Collect over 20 unique hats and fancy skins to dress up your dragon.
* Rare toys and food to collect!
* Training mode coming soon!
* Teen / Adult dragon coming soon!


AR Dragon is free game. However, some extra items can be purchased for real money.

AR Dragon was developed by PlaySide, the developers behind the Editors’ Choice title “Catch The Ark”, Icy Ropes, Monkey Ropes, The Lego Batman Movie Game and Bouncy Bits.

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What's New in Version 1.2


Training Mode Update!

- Level up your dragon through the new fireball training mode!
- Your dragon will grow bigger and stronger as they level up!
- Food Bowl now available which will keep your dragon happy and healthy while you're away!
- Prepare your dragon for combat in future updates!